A village of art and integration will be built in the industrial area of ​​Catania

The “Sicily integration village” was born from a project by Alfredo Lo Piero, a director committed to the social sector

Catania – With over 25 hectares of land and 3,500 square meters of buildings, an old farm in the industrial area of ​​Catania and a few kilometers from the airport will be the “home” of the new project by Alfredo Lo Piero, director committed to the social sector . “Sicily integration village” (Siv), this is the name of the new project, will also become the venue for many prestigious events in October, such as the new MFF, International Mediterranean Film Festival, the Sens Exchange Project, by producer Mirko Miceli, a project audiovisual production with social aims of integration between able-bodied, blind and deaf people. A village of art and integration in Sicily for the management of socio-educational services and activities aimed at introducing people with different socio-cultural needs into the labor market. A synergy between the creator Alfredo Lo Piero and the owner of the agricultural estate, the entrepreneur Vincenzo Mannino, to respond to the needs of less well-off communities. 

“It will be Cine Ct to be exact – said Lo Piero – spaces to be allocated to the world of the arts in general, where national and foreign productions can be hosted, places for installations and workshops for cinema, events, concerts, exhibitions, workshops. Through the recovery of ancient crafts, agricultural activities, crafts, art, painting, sculpture, music, cinema, theater, we will act as a driving force for what will soon become one of the greatest artistic and cultural attractions of the area. Furthermore, availing ourselves of the collaboration of important bodies and associations for the protection of human rights, the presence and work commitment of figures without socio-economic distinction will be integrated “.

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